Giulia Mandolesi is a Canadian police officer who has a son who attends St. Patrick's School. Her first appeareance was in Time Line, the second book of the Spy Mistake series.


Giulia was born in Venice,Italy where she learned the arts in espoinage and also had her village attacked by German spies. Her mother was Spanish by blood which made her Spanish but what really annoyed Giulia in her tween years was her two year younger sister, Sheral. Sheral always was a sneaky and mysterious girl to Giulia but what frightened Giulia the most about her younge sister was that the attack of the German spies was called by Sheral to kill Giulia. Anyways, years after that, Giulia's mother adopted a twin from an orphanage who lost his parents and his twin brother in a family house fire. Giulia's older brother Rodriguez, shorter formed, Rod, had came from the army to celebrate the new comer of the family but on the way back to his base, his plane was shot down by...his own father, Arnesto Mandolesi. He never wanted his son to be in the army so he killed him. Also that day, Arnesto was drunk. It is amazing how Giulia lived nineteen years with her deathly family. But now it's time to reaveal her life today. Giulia has a teenaged son who attends St.Patricks School. H ewas attacked at his school in the second book and Giulia says he has amnesia due to his lost memory of him remembering her. Now we know Guilia grew up with a very hard life and criminal masterminds. She soon goes against her dad and younger sister and becomes a Canadian cop


Time Line:

She is first seen in her car thinking about her job as a a police officer and if it is worth the amount of money she need s to put a roof over her son's head. Then she is going to her son's school to pick him up but she is starteld when she sees that the school has been attacked by a person after Dave Mandolesi, Giulia's son. She goes into her car leaving her son in the hands of the two cops at the scene and calls Mr.Crestor from MSA. Later on in the book, she is seen outside the warhouse with the police finally hugging her son again and she is pleased to find out that he remebers her. Then in the last chapter she is being attacked along with the Costo brothers and gets a knife in her shoulder blade.



Ruthless when needed


Good with government stuff


Dave Mandolesi-son

Sheral Mandolesi-sister (younger)

Rodriguez Mandolesi-brother (older)

Jock Mandolesi-brother (adopted younger)

Arnesto Mandolesi-father

Margret Mandolesi-mother

Sam Fisher- husband (divorced)