Montreal Secret Agency (M.S.A.) Montreal intelligence service that employed Otis and Allen Costo into Special Ops in the novel Underneath the Grave.


A very secret agency that has never been discovered by anyone including the government. They are made to be dealing with matters of internal sercurity and counter intelligence overseas. Formed in 1969, the agency was officially named the Montreal Secret Agency in the same year and still remains in popular use. The headquarters of the M.S.A. is located in Canada, Montreal in Couronne Nord behind a photo booth. This agency is now a Costo family property.


The Breifing headquarters for the agency, formerly headed by Mr. Horowitz Crestor, is still in the mall behind the photo booth, undercover as a normal mall. There is curently no Deputy Head.

A list of people who worked for or with the M.S.A. in the Spy Mistake novels:

Otis Costo - Official Agent

Allen Costo - Official Agent/ Gadgetman

Austin Hastings - Double Agent (definintion): Austin still works with the M.S.A. but when there is a mission needed for someone to infiltrate an agency as an agent working for them he's up for the job. When he's not working in missions, he helps the Gadgetman ( Allen Costo) make weapons and gadgets for agents.

Robert Costo - Head (since Mr.Crestor was a double agent)

John Marllock - Hardcore Agent/ Paperwork

Sabrina Rox - Head's assistant

Rebeca Climant - Assistant to Gadgetman

Costo Family - Agents