Biographical information
Physical description
Circuitry Colordark blue
Descriptionmole to the MSA
Other information
Functionsrouge agent, assassin, mole
AlliesSabrina Rox (daughter), Linda Costo (sister)

Mr.Crestor is a Recruitment agent working with Linda Costo to kill the Costo brothers.


Mr.Crestor is a tall man with light gray hair. He can be charming at sometimes but he si all evil once you get to know. He despises the Costo brothers and their father. Although he himself is there uncle but is not family to Robert in anyway, it is possible he is Linda Costo's brother.


  • Mr.Crestor was the one to tell The Nine men, Robert hated them which made them furious and wanted him dead.
  • In Cousin or Foe, Mr.Crestor dies from a shoebomb set off by John Marllock.
  • Mr.Crestor's first name is Horowitz. Horowitz is the last name of one of my favourite authors, Anthony Horowitz.
  • Linda Costo and him possibly could be syblings because Mr.Crestor is Otis and Allen's uncle but Mr.Crestor isn't family to him at all.