Officer Patrick is a very mysterious man with a very hard life to understand. No one knows if he is an anatagonist or protagonist. He is a Canadian cop who was killed by his own partner.


Officer Patrick was assigned with a partner for his new investigation. Officer Frank. He had been a cop for over twenty years and he is thirty-nine. His death happened at a warehouse and that will be discussed below. He has a small hatred for Otis and Allen because he thinks that they are the killers or people who tried to kill Dave Mandolesi. He helps Otis get the hostages back and he pretends that he didn't know Otis wasn't the killer. He is shocked when he sees that the killer was his own partner Officer Frank. We will all think he works with The Nine men when we read Time Line because in a part of the book, you see him running into a bar and tells Anthony that the boys are alive. But he doesn't work with them. Anthony told Officer Patrick that Mr.Crestor was the killer and that's where Officer Patrick got the picture of Mr.Crestor and his people at the airport. It was took before Anthony blew up the headquarters. Offier Patrick looked up Mr.Crestor and saw a video of him dressed as a FBI agent and stopping Robert's funeral. He also saw a video of Mr.Crestor along with Otis and Allen talking about Robert and then getting attacked by The Nine men and that video leads up to why he went to the Costo brother's house.


Died when his partner shot him.