Otis Costo the oldest brother is a current agent of the M.S.A., a secret agency that was never mentioned to the goverment. He is preffered to be call Agent C when he is in the headquarters of the agency. Otis never knew that his father actually wanted him and his brother to be apart of the agency until the end of book 2, Time Line when he and his brother, Allen, were done attempting to stop Border a serial killer and hitman, from terrorizing their life in the future. They were found in the mall sitting down drinking a can of pop when the person who had embarresed them at their dad's funeral came up to them and read their dad's will.


Otis is a straight A student who never stops working hard and is very good with math and other number subjects. His first appearanc ein the series was of course at Robert Costo's funeral he was wtih his younger brother Allen. Not much is know about Otis and hopefully more will be known but for right now, no ones a thing.

Underneath the GraveEdit

He is seen in Chapter 2 where he is at the funeral with his brother Allen when they get pulled out by Mr.Crestor posing as an FBI agent. They talk when the funeral is over and Mr.Crestor tells them that there father was an operative working for him and that he did not die because of a car accident but on his previous mission, he was choked to death, which is not true. An enemy shoots at them and captures Mr.Crestor.

Friends and FamilyEdit

Allen Costo

Sabrina Rox


Linda Costo

Jonah Hill/ Spy Kid

Robert Costo ( deceased)

Wickledon ( deceased)


The Nine men

Agent One

Agent Two

The Black Belts


Steven Harper

General Gilbert ( deceased/ possibly murderer of Robert Costo as said in the first book)

The Recruitment

Central Intelligence Agency