She might be a cute teenaged girl, daughter of Mr.Crestor and the girlfriend of Otis Costo but Sabrina Rox can still be a vicous girl. She might not be apart of the agency but she can help people alot. When she first saw Otis it was in a resturant, even then she was helpful by helping him up. Even though she is not family to the Costo brothers, she has a pinch of both of the brothers. The smartnest and gets straigh A's like Otis and she is devious and very sneaky like Allen. The Nine men believe that she could be a very good target if they wanted to get something from the Costo brothers. Meaning that they believe if they captured her and said to the brothers that they would not kill her unless so so.

Friends and FamilyEdit

Otis Costo

Allen Costo

Rebeca Climant




The Nine men

Agent One

Agent Two

The Black Belts

General Gilbert