The Final Blow is the fourth book and the final installment in the "Spy Mistake" series. It was written by Dayquan Johnson aka Manmanman45, the original author to this series, who has written books for teens such as The Wizard's Secret series, Life and Death, and The Exile Series which is a mixture of adult and teen fiction.   


In an interview, Dayquan said,

"With all do respect, since this is the last book of the series, I am willing to kill off any unnecessary characters that don't really do much in the series or don't appear that often or hasn't been mention in a while. I am very sorry if I kill off any of your favourite characters but that's how finale books in my world work. But I can promise you this. No matter who you hate or love in the series, they will possibly not have a chance of dying. I assure you and all the readers that you will be shocked by who does and doesn't make it. Also, I have decided to bring back a character from the first book. Their name was never said so don't try going back to book one and try looking for any characters that didn't appear anymore."


Say Goodbye

Otis and Allen have came from being, normal teens to superspies to outlaws and now prisoners. Being tortured by their own family members, Otis, Allen and Austin struggle to stay alive and stop the plans of Mike Hastings. There people have turned against them and there may not be anyone left to trust. But when the three boys finally escape, they soon find out that it's gonna have to take more than 21 people to stop the world from falling. Now they have to gather every and anyone they can to defeat the power and destroy the Doomsday Device, BOOM. Will they stop the Recruitment and save Plant Earth or will they stay in their shell and coward away like the rest of the world?


Starting seconds from the last chapter of Cousin or Foe, the three boys, Otis, Allen and Austin, are being shot blowdarts at each other that are filled with snake venom. It is a challenge for the former Recruitment agents to shoot a dart in each boys open cut casuing them to die. Mavik, the annourcer and guard of the men is watching in ammusement.