The Nine men is a group made up originally of ten men when Desmond was apart of it. It was changed to The Nine men prior him falling off the building and supposedly dying. Their goal was originally to kill Robert Costo because they were told he did not approve of their ways, which was a lie.


The Nine men organization didn't really start until the death of Robert Costo because, in the extra novel books about the series called, "How and When series". Mr.Crestor had been sent on a quick aron to run, to tell Anthony that Robert sent people to spy on him and kill him which was a fib and he believed it and put together The Ten men. Even thoguh he was the founder of the organization, he was not the leader. A man named Desmond Jaylond had been very greedy and only wanted money so he had squeezed his way into the organization. But in book one of the actual Spy Mistake series. He was not mentioned on the roof but he was the man who was thrown of the building.


Anthony Han (Current Leader) (deceased)

Dan Rodruigez (co-leader) (deceased)

William Harris (Intelligence Gatherer)

Enzo Garcia (Assassin #1)

Rhys Nelson (Assassin #2)

Rufus (Weapons Dealer and Creator) (deceased)

Lance Turner (Double agent) (deceased)

Noah Turner (Assassin Leader)

Joseph Richards (Collector)

Desmond Jaylond (deceased presumably/alive) (former leader)

Role In The SeriesEdit

The Ten men's first appearance was at the beginning of the series where they were seen fighting Robert Costo. Robert threw their leader of the roof and then they retreated in their helicopter. At Robert's funeral, they kidnapped Mr. Crestor in order to find the boys. They took him to an apartment building's basement and he was interrogated by them. When Mr. Crestor finally reveals the boys' location, The Nine men go to the Montreal Café and attack Otis and Allen by firing bullets at the window they sat by. After the café attack, they returned to the apartment and discovered that they were firing poisonous bullets instead of real bullets. The final appearance of them in the first book was at the MSA HQ in which they took over and killed Wick. Then they tie up Otis, Allen, Sabrina, Rebeca and Mr. Crestor and set up a bomb to go off.