The Recruitment is a terroist organization formed by Nicro Hastings in 1969. The reason this organization was formed was because of the time Montreal Secret Agency was founded by Raphel Costo. It is run by the Hastings family.


The first operation The Recruitment had ever accomplished was Operation Blue Ring, a scheme involving, police, SWAT teams, all secret services (except M.S.A.) and Navy Force. The plan to this operation was to steal a ring that was a key to a dark secret the Recruitment had made. The Recruitment had to tell all of the following services above that it was a bomb a terroist organization had made to kill everyone on earth. They had believed them and hunted the terroist organization had. The organization had actually been a group of innocent civilians holding the ring for safe keeping and the services ended up killing the civillians. The Recruitment were very cruel back then but now in 2012. They were worst and by worst I mean they had gotten worst at succeding at schemes.

Known MembersEdit

Original executive members:

Nicro Hastings (Russian) (deceased)

Adelmo Hastings (German) (deceased)

Faber Hastings (French) (deceased)

Chao Hastings (Chinese) (deceased)

Gui Hastings (Chinese) (deceased)


River (Canadian)

John (American)

Wendy (American)

Oliver (British)

SWAT team (Russian)