When they are being questioned a by a police and are now officially suspects of the attack of Dave Mandolesi, a high school student who is a son of a officer, Guilia Mandolesi. There is no way get out of this trouble and even the worst thing is, Border, a criminal who broke out of jail just to kill the Costo brothers and he might succeed. An agent from M.S.A has given him a TimePhone to go into the future to kill the brothers now they have to find a way to stop Border or die.


Not reavealed yet.


  1. This book was origanlly meant to be called 'Time for Death' but I changed it to Time Line
  2. Otis was supposed to kill Border in this book from going back in time and sniping him out but instead he gave up and waited for his days to pass.
  3. Linda Costo was going to be electocuted but instead she faked a shooting and then came back to life.
  4. The sniper in the last chapter on top of the roof wasn't meant to be attempting to shoot anyone but Dave Mandolesi.